The DILS (acronym of Dentro Il Suono) is a widespread flute school, whose main purpose is teaching a precise method of flute-sound emission: the one explained by Giampaolo Pretto in his book "Dentro Il Suono" (Into the Sound). This teaching is based on the correct execution of the exercises featured in the book and, not less important, on the most profound understanding of their explanations. Specifically, it is a craft workshop made up by a team of people who habitually practice this technique or methodology, and who places the student at the center of the learning project. The teaching takes place in fact through the planning of a specific and personalized course, customized on the characteristics of each student. This learning path can be trained by one or more teachers certified by Giampaolo Pretto, strictly under the supervision of the author himself: it will consist of a (large) number of lectures and group appointments, until the agreed aim is reached .

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