Giampaolo Pretto, very active in the teaching field over 30 years, held many courses: for the Frentana Music Summer ('89 / '91), the P. Chimeri Academy of Lonato ('92 / '96), the Academy Lorenzo Perosi in Biella ('96 -2000), the MusicaRivaFestival at Riva del Garda ('98 / 2004), the Accademia Chigiana (2003). He held as well numerous Master Classes, for some of the most renowned public and private institutions in Italy, France, Slovenia and Korea. From 2014 to 2018 he has been teaching a regular course in Chamber Music at the Fiesole Music School.

Since 2005 he choose to suspend his flute teaching for a few years, in order to devote himself expecially to orchestral training. From 2000 until 2018 in fact, by express appointment of Piero Farulli, founder of Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, he has been professor for the wind section of the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana (Italian Youth Orchestra), and from 2012/13 he was upgraded as main coach conductor of the orchestra: a role he kept until 2018.

In March 2013, after more than a decade of work, he released a book, the flute-technique manual "Dentro il Suono" (Into the Sound), which he began to present, little afterwards, during a long tour in many Italian Schools, Associations and Conservatories, addressed to teachers and students, and  to anyone else who ”wants to make one’s voice sound". He then returned regularly to flute teaching from 2014 on, to convey his philosophy aboute tone-crafting to anyone who would try it, creating the "DILS" (acronym for “Dentro IL Suono”), a multi-level didactic structure spread throughout the country and supported, under his supervision, by an ever increasing number of teachers chosen from among his former students who practice and teach the Dils method.

Dils is now an association and a registered trademark, and the courses related to it are held by GP’s certified teachers in many venues in Italy. Crucial moment of the activity is the Dobbiaco Summer School, a full-immersion Dils with many teachers in presence and dozens of students coming, as well as from Italy, from many countries of the world.

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